JACOBSEN LENTICULAR TOOL & CYLINDER ENGRAVING TECHNOLOGIES CO. – 3D PP Lenticular Engraved Rolls,Lenticular Engraved 3D Roll Molds


JACOBSEN LENTICULAR TOOL & CYLINDER ENGRAVING TECHNOLOGIES CO. – 3D PP Lenticular Engraved Rolls,Lenticular Engraved 3D Roll Molds


About Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Technologies Company (JacoTech)

“Global Scientific Solutions for the Development and Production of Cylindrical Polymer/Plastic Material Processing including Manufacturing of Micro Structured Optical Roll Surface Mold Components Used for the Management of Light”
JacoTech is in the optical micro-machining business of CNC diamond turning, milling, and fly-cutting unusually (big and heavy) cylinders/rolls/mandrels/drums used to either extrude/emboss/cast/calendar polymer film sheet and roll materials. These engraved molds contain simple to complex optical patterns, which perform a number of complicated light management control functions.
JacoTech through its parent company, LentiClear Lenticular Lens, Inc. (www.LentiClearLens.com ) also provides optical engineering/design services including: lenticular, micro structured plastic optical lens design, diamond tool design, optical lens system optimization and full metrology.
– Optical Engineering & Micro Structured CNC Diamond Machining Specialists of Engraved Cylinders
– Lenticular Lens Design & Lenticular Cylinder Engraving Experts
– Cylindrical Surface: Extrusion/Embossing/Casting/Calendaring Polymer/Plastic Processing Roll Molds
– Optical Roll Mold Patterns: Lenticular/Fresnel and Custom Optical Lens Arrays, 3D/Animated/Motion Print & Displays, Cubic Corner Pyramids, Retroreflective Lenses, Prisms, Illumination, Diffusers, Green Energy, Solar, Defense, Aerospace, Outer Space Lenses & Films, Security, Currency & Product Anti-Counterfeit Lenses, Oil Field Fluid Control Valves, Retro Reflective Road/Traffic Signs and License Plates, and Custom Optical Designs/Patterns.


Lens Design & Cylinder Engraving, Lenticular Lens Arrays – 3D/Animated Print & Displays, Retroreflective Lenses For Road Signage, Security & Anti Counterfeiting Detection Systems, OLED, LED, LCD Display Engraved Molds, Oil Field / Fluid Control Valves

  • Headquarters and International Asian Sales Office

JacoTech.USA – Chicago. Itasca, Illinois USA. 001-630-467-0900 – Mfg & Offices

JacoTech.China – JacoTech Asia-Pacific Rim Regional Sales Offices: Beijing China, Hong Kong

  • Websites

http://www.JacoTech.com , http://www.LentiClearLens.com , http://www.Linkedin.com/in/GaryJacobsen

  • Industry

Optical Engineering, Lens Designing & Cylindrical Engraved Plastic Processing Molds

  • Type

Privately Held

  • Company Size

11-50 employees

  • Founded



Gary A. Jacobsen, Ph.D., Chief Engineer & President


Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Technologies Company (JacoTech)
Chicago Mailing Address: PO Box 4289

Itasca, IL. 60143-4289 USA

001-630-467-0900 Tel

GJ@JacoTech.com – E-Mail

www.JacoTech.com – Website
www.LentiClearLens.com – Website





.Chicago IL USA .India. China. Hong Kong.


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